is the authorized service center for KAMAT repair in North America.

Dover Hydraulics has been appointed as the authorized Sales and Service center for KAMAT high-pressure plunger pumps and pumping stations for the steel industry in North America.  All KAMAT sales inquiries, repair and service can be fulfilled through our convenient location in Dover, Ohio. KAMAT has established itself as a leading pump and valve manufacturer in many large rolling mills worldwide. As a comprehensive leader in service to the steel industry Dover Hydraulics can ensure that KAMAT equipment is in prime working order and can add to KAMAT up-time. We can now provide factory authorized service for KAMAT pumping stations. Service opportunities provided by Dover:

• DIAGNOSTICS - Using industry-leading expertise, Dover's professionals pinpoint descaling equipment problems and recommend KAMAT solutions to remedy the root causes.

• TESTING - Our comprehensive component testing and calibration facilities enable us to fully test KAMAT plunger pumps to full capacity.

• JOB TRACKING - Using our Automated Tracking System, we track the status of every job , we know your equipment's parts and maintenance history, where it is in our facility and who is working on it.

Comprehensive one-stop partner with highly trained and widely experienced personnel
Every day, we work to earn our reputation as America's most comprehensive source for hydraulic repair, including cylinders and components, testing, and parts availability. Our entire organization is set up to make customers' jobs easier with quality work, done right the first time. Our engineering center includes highly trained and widely experienced personnel when it comes to hydraulics engineering solutions, always able to solve problems in a diverse range of hydraulics applications. We are recognized as a comprehensive one-stop partner for cylinder and component maintenance needs.
To reach an authorized KAMAT repair and parts representative and to discuss your hydraulic maintenance, service and parts needs call us toll free: 800-394-1617. Or contact us online.

KAMAT Announces Dover Hydraulics as an Authorized Sales and Service Center for the Steel Industry in North America.

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Want to know more? Call us toll free, 800-394-1617. Or contact us online to reach an authorized Kamat repair and parts representative.

Dover offers comprehensive programs for Eaton, Hydrokraft, Linde, Glual and A.L.B.A.

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