is your comprehensive source for Linde pump repair, parts and new units.

For comprehensive Linde pump repair, parts and new units, Dover Hydraulics is the source. Linde Hydraulics has confidence in Dover and so should you. All of your Linde service needs, including reconditioning, repair and parts needs, as well as warranty work, can be fulfilled through our location in Dover, Ohio.

We'll keep your hard-working Linde pumps and motors in service. Linde partners with Dover Hydraulics because of our exceptional ability to service the full Linde product line. Our Linde repair excellence returns pumps and hydraulic equipment to like-new working condition to keep your business humming. If you are in need of parts or service for your Caterpillar, John Deere or Liebherr mobile equipment, you can count on Dover to get you up and running.

Our success record with Linde repair is the best in the industry due to our highly skilled technicians. They are masters of every industry and application in which Linde equipment is put to use. Dover Hydraulics' technicians have the know-how to keep your Linde pumps and motors working in diesel engines or pedestal cranes, truck and off-road equipment power take-offs, offshore/marine vessel shipping, oil, gas and water well drilling; wind turbine power, or paint and finish manufacturing.

Get more hours of Linde repair with Dover Hydraulics.

Our Linde repair work covers it all:

DIAGNOSTICS - Dover's professionals examine hydraulic pump and motor breakdowns and failures, and recommend hydraulic engineering solutions that address the root causes.

TESTING - We have invested in the hydraulics industry's most comprehensive testing and calibration equipment. Our technicians can test even the largest pumps, up to 730 horsepower, to full-flow and full horsepower. We also have pump control testing capabilities.

JOB TRACKING - Every job is tracked, along with the history of your pumps' and motors' service, through our industry-leading Automated Tracking System. It tells us immediately where your Linde unit is in our facility, who is performing the work, and what has been done if the pump was previously in our shops.

Want to know more? Call us toll free, 800-394-1617. Or click here to reach an authorized Linde repair and parts representative.

Dover offers comprehensive programs for Eaton, Hydrokraft, Linde, Glual and A.L.B.A.

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Comprehensive Repair & Testing

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